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Premium Backlink Indexing Service

Submit your backlinks to Google, Yandex & Bing. Starting from $0.01 per URL. Make Your Backlinks Count in 2023

Basic Plan
$20 /month
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  • Quantity
    1000 Links
  • Campaigns
  • Features
    API Key, Drip-feed
Deluxe Plan
$50 /month
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  • Quantity
    3000 Links
  • Campaigns
  • Features
    API Key, Drip-feed
Premium Plan
$150 /month
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  • Quantity
    10 000 Links
  • Campaigns
  • Features
    API Key, Drip-feed

Why Is Link Indexing essential for SEO?

Indexing is the foundation of your link building strategy. You cannot expect to rank well if your links are not indexed.

More Visibility

Link indexing allows visitors to easily find the content they are looking for. The more content you index, the more traffic you’ll receive from search engines.

Higher Authority

An indexed backlink from a high authority domain increases your site authority as well.Domain authority is an indicator of a domain's ability to rank.

Better Rankings

Your backlinks are used as an indicator of the strength of your site. Websites with quality indexed backlinks are rewarded with higher rankings.


Effective Link Indexing Solution for 2023

We submit your links to Google, Yandex & Bing through their Webmaster Tools. For every link submitted, we make sure that each of the search engines responds with a successful Indexing call (HTTP 200). This should be enough to confirm that your links are being crawled and indexed. Despite the sophisticated nature of search engine algorithms in 2023, we manage to index your links within 2-7 days (on average).

Instant Approval Affiliate Program

When you create an account on our website you are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. Share your affiliate link with friends, followers, readers etc. We track all purchases that originate from your link and pay you a 10% recurring commission for every subscription sale. The more customers you refer, the more money you make.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of links this service can index ?
  • Our link indexing tool can index anything you want. It doesn't matter if it's pages on your own website, pages with backlinks to your site, private blog networks links, or anything else you want.

    Note: Links from adult niche are filtered and processed separately, through a different indexing method based on link-building. The indexing rate for this type of links is lower.

How long will it take for my links to appear in Search Results ?
  • We notify Google, Bing & Yandex about your links in the most natural way possible to avoid penalties for your domain. It takes between 2 and 7 days (on average) to see your links in Search Results.

    If you're not seeing a high indexing rate , it's always due to the links themselves that are being added. Here are some reasons why the links are not indexed : the page is on a domain spammed too much, there is very few text or duplicate content on the page, the crawling robots are blocked, sometimes the pages returns 404 HTTP errors.

How to achieve the highest indexing rate?
  • To get the highest rates, make sure the text on the pages submitted for indexing is as unique as possible. Non-indexed links from your campaigns can be resubmitted every 10 days, this practice has proven to be very effective.

Can I pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?
  • Yes. We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as well. Please contact us if you’d like to pay using crypto.

Is this a one time purchase or a monthly subscription ?
  • This is a monthly subscription that is automatically renewed every month.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership plan ?
  • You can upgrade/downgrade anytime! We set up a separate subscription per each upgrade/downgrade.

I need to submit more than 10K links. What should I do?
  • In case you need to submit more than 10K links, the simplest solution is to purchase another membership plan.

What happens if I purchase a membership multiple times ?
  • Each new purchase is considered a separate paypal subscription.

Do you offer refunds ?
  • We are currently not offering any refunds. Also we will not cancel subscriptions from our system. Please log into your Paypal account to make any cancellations.

How do i cancel my subscription ?
  • Log in to your PayPal account. Click Profile (the gear icon) on the top right corner of the page. Click Pre-approved payments under Payment settings. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel, and click Cancel. Follow the instructions to cancel the agreement.

If I cancel my subscription will my links remain indexed ?
  • Yes , once your backlinks are indexed we no longer have any control over them. It's up to search engines if they would keep your links in their index database or throw it out.


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